This article is a short London guide for those who are willing to travel to London or want to know about London. London is the capital city of England and also the United Kingdom. It is the largest metropolitan area in Britain and the largest urban zone within the European Union in many ways. London can be a leading global city, with a lot of attributes. Whether your interests lie within the arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, health care, media, professional services, research and development, tourism and transport London has something for you.

London has great transport links and is also easily accessible from within Great Britain and internationally. Heathrow Airport will be the main point of usage of London for international travelers and is also linked to central London by frequent “Heathrow Express” train services which leave Heathrow at 15 minute intervals, traveling non-stop to Paddington Station. There are a number of major rail terminals London, linking the city to all or any parts of mainland Britain. For travel within London there is the underground railway network called “The Tube” and there are stations on the network convenient for those parts of the city. Additionally, there are surface transport options such as the world famous red London buses, and also the equally well-known Black cabs. For the more energetic, a cycle hire scheme has recently been introduced, with automated cycle hire terminals sited all around the city. For more information on transport options, begin to see the Transport for London website.

London has a huge variety of places to stay, from the luxurious and world famous Savoy and Ritz hotels, to the more modest and affordable accommodation obtainable in small independent hotels, and budget hotel chains like Travel Lodge and Premier Inn. Regardless of the level of accommodation you select, it is advisable to book in advance as London is an extremely popular destination with travelers from all over the world and especially during the summer time season, hotels refill fast.

What travelers may aren’t aware about London is it is a very large city, almost thirty miles across at its widest point, in like manner get the best out of your stay, planning is essential to ensure you do not have to lose out anything you want to see or do as a result of time constraints. The transport links within London are perfect but can be confusing for that first-time visitor, so it is preferable to buy a good up-to-date London Guide, and also to plan your stay carefully. Decide what you need to see and do, then exercise which items on your itinerary are close together to prevent unnecessary traveling.

One thing most people know about London is that it is a great shopping centre. The fantastic fashion houses all have outlets in the city, and of course London may be the home of a couple of the World’s greatest shops, the world renowned Harrods and, needless to say, Self ridges, where all the best names in fashion, technology, food and home wares are gathered in one place for your convenience. London can be the home of one of the world’s greatest and many comprehensive toy shops, Hamleys, which has to appear to be believed. Covent Garden Market includes a wonderful variety of stalls to discover, and there are lots of interesting shops to understand more about in the area as well.

No London guide would be complete without making reference to the arts, and London is well-provided with arts venues, providing something for everyone. The Royal ballet has it’s home in Covent Garden, of course, if you like Opera, then browse the program at the nearby Royal Opera House. The present day recreation of Shakespeare’s Globe theater is on the South Bank, and London’s many theaters and cinemas make sure that there is always something on for everyone, whether you like musicals, drama or comedy.

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So called self-help traveling refers that travelers themselves arrange travel route, travel time, and all the other matters during travel, without any guide and team leader. Nowadays this kind of traveling model is gaining more and more popularity among college students. According to the survey, over 80% of college students prefer self-help traveling to following a tour group.

As to me, I prefer to travel with a companion. Firstly, we can deal with the possible problems and difficulties in the journey. Secondly, I like to share the pleasure of traveling with others. In sum, both traveling alone and traveling with a companion have their attractions, and you can find the pleasure from either one.We are supposed to undertake the responsibility to lead a low-carbon lifestyle, which is of great significance. And there is a diversity of measures we can take so as to lead such an environmental-friendly life. For one thing, we are expected to minimize the use of private cars, which emit a large amount of greenhouse gases. For another, we are supposed to cultivate the public awareness of energy conservation for energy in the world today is decreasing rapidly. For instance, we can turn off electrical appliances if not necessary as well as using renewable materials. Furthermore, at our leisure, we can seek opportunities to plant more trees which can absorb carbon-dioxide.

When it comes to traveling way, different people will offer different opinions. Some people like to travel alone, while others prefer to travel with a companion. Of course, everyone has his consideration for his preference.Traveling alone, one can enjoy more freedom. The traveler can arrange his tour as he wishes without the trouble of humoring others. Moreover, traveling alone tend to bring the traveler unexpected surprise, such as making a new friend and enjoying a different scenery. Compared with traveling alone, traveling with a companion has also its advantages. For one thing, the group members can help and look after each other in the journey. For another, traveling with others who have same interest with, you can share costs and experiences with them.

Why are college students so fond of self-help traveling? Above all, self-help traveling gives travelers more freedom and space. College students dont like being restricted. They want to arrange their travel as they wish. Moreover, self-help traveling provides college students a good chance to improve their adaptability and viability. Besides, the expenses in self-help traveling are controlled by travelers themselves. It is a good choice for those college students who have not much money for their disposal.As a college student, I enjoy self-help traveling very much, and I have benefited a lot from it. For one thing, I have appreciated many amazing scenery that those travelers who follow tour groups can not. For another, self-help travel helps me learn how to deal with people better.

If you want to make most of your trip to London, you may consider buying the London Pass that will make your sightseeing easier and cheaper.

When you purchase the London Pass, you will receive the 160-page guidebook with maps and lots of important information on all of the biggest tourist attractions in London. It is in a pocket size format, but it will not sit in your pocket… You will be consulting it very often during the day.

The London pass is being sold in these basic variations – 1-day, 2-day, 3-day, and 6-day, each saving you time and money. You save time because as a London pass holder you’re entitled to Fast Track Entry and you can skip the ticket lines.

You will save well over �500 on entrance fees. For example, you will be going for free to over 50 attractions, including such gems as: Windsor Castle (regular price �14), Tower of London, Kensington Palace, Queen’s Gallery, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Tour and Exhibition or St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The best way to use the London pass is to combine it with the London Travelcard. Get the London Pass with the Travelcard and get unlimited transportation within the whole Greater London (Zones 1-6) – both on the underground (the Tube), the bus and the train system. Moving between London’s attractions will be much easier and faster if you use excellent London public transport services. You will also be able to get on the train and go to Windsor Castle. And by buying the 6-day London pass version with transport, you will get the 7th day of travel free – even more savings!

There are some Travelcard restrictions, though. E.g., the transport version of the London Pass is for off-peak only, meaning that the Travelcards you will get if buying the 1-day, 2-day and 3-day passes can be used only after 9:30 AM Monday-Friday on the days of validity and for any journey that starts before 4:30 AM on the following day. There are no restrictions on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. Multiday Travelcards are valid for use on consecutive calendar days. The 7-day Travelcard incurs no restrictions. The only airport accessible with the Travelcard is Heathrow, but the card cannot be used on the Heathrow Express.

The London Pass offers not only free entry to the London’s favorite attractions, but also includes other special offers, such as discounts at restaurants and theatres, free special guides and exhibitions, free bowling, ice-skating, sightseeing river cruise, etc.

And this special exclusive free gift will make your trip to London even more memorable – you will get a cute Beefeater Teddy Bear when you show your London Pass at any Crest of London souvenir shops.

When you get your London Pass, check if you got what you ordered. Each pass is programmed to be activated from the first time it is used and can be used only during daytime for the day or consecutive days shown on the card. You must sign and date your London Pass in order to validate it.

And here is how to use it. At any of the attractions, go to the admission point bearing the London Pass sign. The attendant will record your pass and you will be able to enter – without paying a fee or waiting in the queue! Some attractions (e.g., the Queen’s Gallery, The Royal Mews, etc.) require timed tickets that you will have to obtain, but you will get them for free from the ticket desk (see the guidebook for full info).

With plenty of world-class attractions available in London you will want to see as many of them as possible. That is why using the London Pass, especially its version with unlimited transport, makes perfect sense. With so many discounts and other benefits, you will be happy to have it. And practically after you visit just two attractions, you will be starting to save at each at every one.

A London Pass is your passport to cheap travel in London. Although most of the tourist attractions are located in Central London, many can be found scattered outside the city centre.

The London Eye, The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square and the National Museum are all located in the City of Westminster, while St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London, Tower Bridge and London Bridge are located in the City of London.

The Natural History Museum, The Science Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum, Royal Albert Hall and Kensington Palace are located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

With so many attractions scattered all over London, your London travel can best be served by acquiring a London Pass.

For the cultured visitors who are excited about history and palaces, the London Pass offers sightseeing attractions to the Tower of London, Tower Bridge Exhibition, Kensington Palace, Royal Albert Hall tour, The Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace, Royal Mews, Eltham Palace, Hampton Court Palace, Windsor Castle, St Paul’s Cathedral, Kew Gardens and Eton College Tour. Your admission fees to these attractions are included in the price of the pass.

If you are a sports person, you can have a Chelsea Football Club stadium tour, Lord’s Cricket Ground tour, Twickenham World Rugby Museum & Stadium tour, Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum and Wimbledon Tennis club tour, ten pin bowling or skating at the Queens Ice and Bowl in Queensway, Chislehurst Caves and London Bicycle Tour.

If you are travelling with children, in addition to the attractions mentioned above, you can take them to the London Zoo in Regent’s Park, Pollock’s Toy Museum, The London Bridge Experience and The London Tombs, The London Aquarium, Jason’s Canal Boat Trip and London Canal Museum.

For the cinema and theatre-goers you can visit the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Tour and Exhibition, the National Theatre Backstage Tour or you can see movies in several cinemas in the West End of London.

If you enjoy river cruises, the London Pass also offers a Red River Rover ticket so you can hop on, hop off all day on any city cruise boats.

On top of Free Entry to all the above attractions and more, you also get the following benefits:

– Dinner Offers – you get up to 25% discounts at selected restaurants.
– Shopping Offers – you get up to 20% discounts in selected shops and discounted theatre tickets.
– Free Guide Books
– Fast tracked to save you time from queuing at attractions.

The London Pass is a cost effective way of exploring the popular landmarks in London. Alternatively, if you are not in any rush and enjoy walking, you can join an organised walking tour of London.