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The scientific calculator: This is the calculator of choice if you are a student of mathematics. There is more than meets the eye, be sure to check the calculator's instruction manual and the blog updates. scientific calculator
The statistics calculator: Lots of tools for students of statistics, the ever expanding list includes plotting box charts, linear regression, standard deviation and more... statistics calculator
The calculator with tape: A calculator for elementary arithmetic operations that displays operations and results on a virtual paper roll. paper roll calculator
The percentage calculator: Calculate percentages and percent increase and decrease with this online percentage calculator.

The simple calculator: This flash simple calculator implements the 4 basic functions: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
flash simple calculator
The RPN calculator: Reverse Polish Notation makes entering complex formulas in a calculator easier, but it takes some practice. Try it on this javascript based calculator.
RPN calculator
The Abacuses: Javascript is used to emulate the functionality of the abacus on your computer. Try the Chinese and Japanese abaci here. abacuses
Bitcoin mining calculator: If you are planning to start mining for bitcoins, this calculator may be a useful tool to evaluate your approximate average costs and returns. bitcoin calculator
Simple Math Calculators: Students of mathematics may find some of these calculators useful for checking their homework...

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