Least Common Multiple Calculator

Calculate the least common multiple of a set of numbers.

LCM Calculator Instructions

Use the LCM calculator to compute the least common multiple of a set of two to 10 numbers. Individual values must be integers between -2147483648 and 2147483647, separated by commas, spaces, tabs or newlines.

Once you are done entering the values press Calculate LCM to submit your data. The 'Reset' button clears the form and starts a new session.

What is the Least Common Multiple

The least common multiple (or LCM) of a group of integer numbers, as the name implies, is the smallest number that is multiple of all the numbers in the group. It is useful, before performing additions or subtractions of fractions with different denominators, to convert all fractions so that the denominator is the least common multiple of all denominators. In this case the lcm is referred to as the lowest common denominator or LCD

For a more complete description see the Least Common Multiple article on Wikipedia.

How is the least common multiple calculated?

There are many ways to find the lcm. This calculator uses the greatest common divisor method described in the above article. The formula used to calculate LCM(a,b) is:

$ LCM(a,b) = \frac{\left| a \cdot b \right|}{GCD(a,b)} $

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